The HanengCharts product line has been discontinued.

HanengCharts charting software offered an easy way to add customized, dynamic, interactive charts to a website, intranet or web application. With over 1000 customers around the world including Xerox, The Coca-Cola Company, FedEx, UPS, US Postal Service, Intel, Honeywell, HP and Siemens HanengCharts was an instant success when it was launched in 2001. The software was discontinued in 2012 after 11 years on the market. We whish all our former customer a big thanks for using our software.


The HanengCharts product line has been discontinued as of 2012. If you have purchased HanengCharts in the past and need to change the IP address of an existing license, or need an additional license use the license keys below:

Free License Key for HanengCharts 3.x:

Free License Key for HanengCharts 2.x:

The license are not limited to domain name/IP. Please note that HanengCharts is unsupported as of 1.1.2012.